Why Blogs Enhance Your Online Presence

Since coming into the world of business I have had a lot of guidance. From the people around me at BNI, my family and my friends. All of them have given me straightforward guidance which has led me to make some great decisions and develop as a person.


However, it’s not just people that have helped me. Blogs have contributed a lot to my knowledge and self-development. One blog, in particular, is a new blogger, Rae Chesterman (365daysofrae), her personality just shines through and it’s this particular blog, that has brought me to writing this blog.



In my experience, I have found that the public people (our customers) want to know the personality of the company they buy from or the service they use. Blogs reach out to your audience and this gives you the opportunity to tell and show people your personality through writing. Tell them how amazing you are.


Blogs are a great way to increase your social media presence. You will gain followers and engagement, people will directly traffic to your page, which will ultimately lead to more website traffic (not a bad thing in my books). Plus having the blog gives you more content to post, again not a bad thing.

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Along with social media increasing your SEO, definitely when actively using Google+, having blogs is a great way to include the keywords needed, to give you that extra boost on SEO. If your blog is answering the questions your audience wants to know, then they are more than likely to search the question on Google ( or bing/yahoo), and go to your blog to find the answer. This will happen over and over again.

TIP: When thinking about what to write for a blog, think of the questions your customers ask. They can be the most simple (maybe stupid) questions to you, but to your customers or potential customers, the subject of the question could be difficult or complicated.


Thanks, Elle!

— Written By Elle ClokeElle Cloke We Do Social Media

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