Why Should You Have a Twitter Account?


When I talk about Twitter to different business people I’m often asked “Why should I be on Twitter, does it my help my business?” My answer, obviously, is YES!


Today I going to explain 3 reason why you should be on Twitter. There are many reason as to why you should be on Twitter but these top 3 reasons will (fingers crossed) change your mind and convert you into a “Tweet Freak”.


Customer RelationshipsCustomerRelationships

Twitter has made retaining relationship with existing client and potent
ial client easier than before. Instead of setting up meetings to keep the relationship you can tweet them in seconds just simply asking how their working week is going or simply retweet their tweets. You can also create different tracking systems, for example Hootsuite, to keep in touch with all your clients and potentials.


Keep Up-To-Date

News is constantly being updated, changes in different industries are always moving forward. Twitter is a great way to stay in the know about everything from news to industry changes. By following industry leaders, clients and other topics you can easily stay up to date with the different changes happening.

Brand Awareness

I couldn’t not include brand awareness. Twitter has an audience of 13.1 millions users, with each user requiring something different. How can you not be on there when you can target so many different markets?

I’ll leave you to ponder on that question…

So there are the 3 reasons why I feel you should have a twitter account and not to forget, using your Twitter Account. Build your ultimate brand on Twitter and get yourself in-front of all your target markets.

Come and say hi when you have got your Twitter Account on the go @WeDoSMedia. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or ask via our other social media platforms!


Thanks, Elle!

–Written By Elle ClokeElle Cloke - We Do Social Media




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