Why Should Businesses be on Social Media?

In my experience of business it always surprises me to hear business people say, “I don’t need social media”.  Then it occurred to me; maybe they don’t know the benefits of social media and how it can truly work for their businesses.

Through this you will have your doubts, you’ll think, “I can already get half the things listed below,” but nearer the end you will see the advantages and want to get started as quick as you can.





You can’t go wrong with anything that’s free. Every social network allows you and your business to create a profile and use their tools for free. The only things you pay for is adverts e.g. Twitter Ads/Cards, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and more. But paying for ads is your choice, you can still use social media to your full potential without paying a penny. Spend 10 minutes activity a day and you will soon see the benefits.




Connecting with customers is the aim of every business. Making sure customers are happy with your products or services so they come back to you, and recommend you. Using social makes the process a whole lot easier then ever before providing instant from of connecting with customers. 




Surely being a business, brand promotion is a extremely valuable. When people tell me that they don’t need social media, the first question I ask is “If you had the opportunity to put your Aboutcompany ad in a business article for 3 months, would you?”. The answer is yes. “Then why miss the opportunity to have your company ad in front of people, for free, forever?”. It then becomes an awkward situation because the person doesn’t know how to reply or react.




I myself love customers talking to our customers. Speaking to them is a way to say thank you, show appreciation for their support and help them with any problems that they may experience. However you may not get the opportunity to show your appreciation as you may correspond with them through email (although maybe not regularly), through a compliant, at a monthly bimonthly consultation or through networking. Through social media you get the chance to say thank you, and it’s not just the client that going to hear, it is going to be everyone, this can show others that you value your existing customers.




Ok. Market research is my absolute favourite. I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to everyone in business. Content tip #1 is to ask questions on social media . So why not ask questions you want to know, that will help you progress? Creating group on Facebook, specific to the people you need to help you was a great tip I learnt at Social Media Week in London.

There is an endless list of why businesses should be on social media. You could ask 20 social media experts and could get 18 different answers. Fit social media into your day to day activity, you never know you might end up becoming a fan of it and eager to learn more as the days go by.

Let me know why you think businesses should be on social media via our social platforms.

— Written By Elle Cloke

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