Who We Are

When we introduce ourselves, we say ‘Hi I’m (name), from We Do Social Media’ and you can guarantee they’ll then follow with ‘What’s your business called?’ That is what we’re called, and we do social media for small businesses who need to outsource.

 We Do started 2 years ago after Linda realised how well Social Media was working for her other business (Click Events). We started off doing social media for small, local businesses. Skip to 2015 and we now have 5 team members working everyday for our clients on up to 7 platforms. We’ve grown at an exponential rate, we’re even stepping into the training territory with beginners, intermediate, and advanced courses on all platforms.

 We provide the ideas or the help you need to get kick started on social media platforms.

 “But social media is easy” you say. Tweeting can be, but to do it effectively it takes time and there is actually a lot to learn. From the techie jargon to the in depth analytics, social media is a metaphorical mine field for people who don’t know how to use it effectively.

 We once heard the phrase ‘Social Media is Like a Dinner Party’ and it stuck with us. What does this mean? Well, simple really. If you went to a dinner party, would you be happy if you got stuck next to the guy who kept talking about himself? His business? His family? What if he whipped out a product and waved it in front of your face? You’d get pretty fed up right?! You’d probably move seats and hope to never see them again. We’d want to sit next to the fun guy, the one with jokes, quotes, and useful information.

The same applies to what you post on social media and a lot of people don’t realise. To gain recognition and a strong following base, you need to be different and interesting and not all about yourself.

 Does your social media reflect your brand and your personality?

 “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition”

         – Abraham Lincoln


— Written By Hannah Daly


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