#WeDoStories – Elle’s Story

Storytelling. One of the key content ideas that attract consumers. Everyone loves a good story, especially with a happy ending (unhappy endings and cliff hangers isn’t my favourite movie ending). Hearing so much recently about story telling really got me thinking about my own story and how I have came into business and then across to so many other opportunities since becoming a member of the We Do Social Media squad. So, from the beginning.


I started out small, working in my local fish and chip shop. Not exactly the fanciest of places but it taught me a lot of lessons. I was still doing my A-Levels and a few other GCSE’s, which I particularly enjoyed (all of which you can tell from my final grades). Not enjoying school and feeling that I would do so much better in a working environment, my cousin, Chris, said that I can do 3 months work experience at his
UK office. His company is called QuickVisas, they do visas for people going to Australia.


I worked for QuickVisas for just under a year and I never thought I would learnBNI - We Do Social Media so much. I don’t mean that I learnt a lot about Australia, I learnt a lot about migration laws, business, how to read law and some basic stuff that gets me through each and every day. Anyway, although I learnt a lot I still didn’t enjoy the work, I knew
that I was better in a completely different role like meeting new people, gaining relationships and helping people.


Before I completely left QuickVisas I obviously wasn’t going to leave withot a “Backup Plan”. Ever since I was a kid I have loved sharks and all things crazy in the deep blue sea, so what better than taking a completely drastic action by planning to go to Costa Rica for 3 months to study to be a Marine Biologist. Of course, it didn’t end up like that because I met my boyfriend and knew I need to save to money in a short time which wasn’t the most realistic goal.


Around March time, Linda Cloke (my mum) asked me if I wanted to work for her part time in her business We Do Social Media. I re
member saying “Ok, but not for long because I don’t want to work for you or with you”, and I couldn’t of been more wrong in my life. I got back from Spain and started the following week, meeting all new people at networking events, BNI and all the other exciting things that made me fall in love with my role.


Ever since starting at We Do Social Media I have changed into a different person, my confidence, my attitude, my personal development has flown through the roof (so “hah” to all my old teachers). I have developed training programmes, introduced new staff and upgraded the way our staff work.


So that’s my long story. If it is something you’ve enjoyed please contact us via our social media platforms or just email.

And remember, business is sweet when We Do post and tweet.
— Written By Elle Cloke

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