Using Hootsuite To Stay Organised On Twitter


Staying organised on twitter isn’t the easiest thing. It can be tricking finding the perfect way to stay organised on social media. However, focusing on Twitter, I do have an almost flawless way to stay organised on Twitter using Hootsuite.


Today I would like to explain how you can stay organised on your Twitter via Hootsuite. You can use the same top tactics to apply to your other social media platforms on Hootsuite too.


Set Up Different Tabs

Tabs On Hootsuite are like the tabs you have open on your browser. It’s an organiser for different sections of your social media e.g. Twitter lists. You can have as many of these tabs as you please but I would advise keeping it simple, don’t categorise everything.


Set Up Different Streamshootsuite

Streams are different sections within a tab e.g. In your ‘Twitter Lists’ tab you would have a different stream for each Twitter list you have created, or subscribed to. I like the way streams work because you can see everything you need on one screen, instead of constantly switching.



Check out our tutorial video to ‘How To Set Up Tabs and Streams On Hootsuite’ that will go live this Wednesday.
Using Hootsuite or any other scheduling platform can really help you maintaining a successful Twitter page and social media in general.

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