Twitter Analytics – A Whole New Language

As we all know Twitter Analytics is a valuable FREE tool we should use. But does everyone know that?

Even though a lot of us know of Twitter Analytics, hardly anyone knows why or how to utilise the information handed to us. Plus to me, it was like learning a new language. Not a language I was eager to learn either. However once I leant the lingo and knew more about it, I thought it was easier to learn then I imagined.

I’m going to go through some of the lingo and what it means, short and sweet. 



Audience engagement is to show whether or not your follower base, and other people viewing your tweets, are interacting with your content. Finding out the times these tweets go out determine when the best time is for you to post, along with what type of content Twitter users prefer.



This shows how many people see your tweets on their timeline. Again another good way of determining the best time to post for more impressions/ views.



Want to know if your have a relevant audience? Or the type of followers you want to have? Twitter analytics shows you many different things about your audience like their interests, ages, job role, country and region.



As a company, you want to promote your business and you want to lead potential clients to your website by (fingers crossed) converting them into customers. By putting your website in your posts and bio box, Twitter Analytics will show you how many users have gone to your website.



When you tweet with a video or image the embedded media clicks show you how many people have clicked your tweets to view the video or image.


If you are starting to use Twitter Analytics then you will see the benefits over time. Don’t hesitate to explore and press buttons you don’t know because sometimes it’s the only way you will find something that truly helps you.
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Written by Elle Cloke

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