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Building and Maintaining Relationships On Twitter

Last week we went through finding your local target market on Twitter. This week you will learn how to build and maintain relationships with the local businesses or people you want to. Please note that there isn’t a time limit on doing this, take as long a you want or jump into it straight away. Just keep consistency with everyone, don’t just grab what you want and leave. Give and you will get back, as some may say. Learn How To Find Your Local Target […]

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training Do you require CPD hours? Or do just love building your personal development? CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and many industries are required to go to different trainings that eventually fill their yearly set CPD hours. Some occupations that requires CPD hours are accountants, insurance brokers, mortgage advisors, surveyors, teachers and solicitors. All business people like to update their skill base and our courses offer this, in addition to enhancing your social media.   Which leads us to our […]

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