Social Media Workouts

. . . It takes 4 weeks for you to see your social media changing. It takes 8 weeks for friends and family and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Keep going!

What are Social Media Workouts?

Social Media Workouts says what we do on the tin, every week a community of businesses come together to repeat the workouts of liking, commenting and/or sharing each other’s social media content to organically boost their posts up the algorithm.

Each week, We Do Social Media, hosts a Webinar to show you exactly how it is done, along with answering your social media questions and giving tips and advice on your content.

Although this is a training session, the main purpose is to help you create a habit of engaging on social media. Just like exercising, it is repeating the task to form a habit that will change your life, in this case, business.

By joining the Social Media Workouts, you will learn the valuable skill of how to engage on social media as a marketing tool for your business

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