Snapchat For Your Business

Snapchat has been the talk of the town recently and that is pure because it’s become so popular so quickly. Not just on Snapchat itself but using Snapchats to create video content for YouTube or images from Instagram. But the big question, will it work for you?


What is Snapchat?

We describe Snapchat as a mobile application that allows you to share in the moment pictures, drawings, videos and text messages.


Who’s there?

63% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18 and 34. With 60% of smartphone users having a Snapchat account.


Why should you use it?

Before getting Snapchat, think of your strategy. Who is your target market and most importantly how are you going to attract them to your Snapchat account? Only get Snapchat if you have a plan in place and feel that you are comfortable “snapping” your day away.


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How will I get people adding me?

Give and you will get back. An effective way to getting people to add you is by telling them that they will get something no one can get e.g. “We are leaking a top secret product tomorrow on Snapchat, go add us to see what it is”. Plant the seeds of information but give the full monty on Snapchat… plus it only last 24 hours *Evil faced emoji*
Our FREE download will help you figure out a brief strategy to get you started if you think Snapchat in the one!


Snapchat for your business

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