Schedule With Ease Using ContentCal

ALERT: A new tool that has hit me with amazement and I have full on girl geek over this online genius.


Now I do have Lucy Hall to thank, the grand owner of the UK’s Leading Social Media Event – Social Day, as it was mentioned more than a few times and I got extremely curious.


Introducing ContentCal! A content management and social media scheduling tool. You can schedule your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter content, as well as plan your content SEO, blogs, leaflets and so much more.





In all fairness, this is a tool that suits completely suits our social media agency, who runs continuous social media account. But none the less it is still perfect for small companies looking to organise their content. The pricing of ContentCal will fit your requirements, which is almost the best thing because it means small business owners suit have to pay that little extra for the added tools they don’t need.


Other Tools I love about ContentCal:

The Calendar – I can have a calendar for each client and send this calendar for approval, where the client can have their own portal to approve the posts and add comments for changes to be made. This is both a massive time-saver and it is saving my dropbox a lot of space (especially as I’m ready running out of space).



Approval – As mentioned above you can send the content you’ve added to the calendar for approval. This can go through a
process of 4 steps, perfect for larger organisations, as well as a small company whose got an employee doing the social media. LOVE IT!



Go Straight To ContentCal



Categories – I think this bit is my favourite, however, I’m yet to decide because it’s all so exciting and new. Anyway, the categories allow you to see what type of post it is on your calendar. Pretty self-explanatory but it’s the simplest that are the best! You can choose a colour for each category.



There are many other tools that create an easy and simple way for you to schedule social media content and organise other parts of your business. I have used this few a few days now and I’ve got the hang of it super quickly. I’m still a Hootsuite girl, and I like Buffer but ContentCal is the best so far for scheduling and management.


BIG THANK YOU to Andy Lambert for giving me a demo before I went ahead with using ContentCal, it made the decision easier and comforting to go ahead with.


We’d love to hear what tools other people use, so let us know on our social media channels, don’t forget to tag us.


Thanks, Elle



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