North Kent B2B – The Apprentices Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like being a social media apprentice? Probably not but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Recently I went to a networking event called North Kent B2B. At first I didn’t know what to say or do, but I was with my Director, Elle, which helped. Networking with strangers is always a scary thought, especially when you’re new to a company. This was out of my comfort zone as it would be for many people, although the more stands I went to the more confidence I seemed to gain. Every stall had a different business and they were all so varied from each other. Everyone is different so it’s hard to know what approach to take, some people were more friendly and approachable than others. Some chose to ignore my presence which made me want to crawl away, but I stayed and was polite – smiling and acknowledging everyone.  There were a few stands where I felt comfortable enough to talk about our business and about our training events; those who I spoke to about training were really keen to attend. But we didn’t just talk about ourselves, we asked first about their businesses, which was interesting even if they weren’t all relevant to our company. Those which were relevant to our business seemed really useful and we will be keeping them in mind. Who knew it? The girl from Barming was actually not completely rubbish at networking.

The event was based in Brands Hatch, which I thought waSabs a really unique place to go networking. The building was humongous and mainly made out of windows, but the views from the building were eye opening – you could see the race track perfectly. All the stalls in the building were eye-catching and unique with loads of freebies (me being me I can’t say no to a freebie). They weren’t just freebies though they were clever marketing tools. My favourite one was the racing car sweetswhich were relevant to the location.All the freebies at the event gave me and Elle ideas for We Do Social Media’s marketing strategies. One of the best moments was when I received a bag and didn’t have to pay 5p for it, that’s always a bonus! Bringing home a bag of useful products was great, they were all useful and covered in business names and logos.


I have come away from this event with more confidence talking to strangers, a better understanding of networking events and how to subtly promote We Do Social Media.  This networking event has opened my eyes to the business world, and I’ve learnt that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

social media maidstone— Written By Sabrina Ford 

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