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Whilst eating cake and exploring the new news app on my phone last night, I stumbled across a video by Social Media Examiner. On this was the founder of Social Media Examiner and three other people discussing different topics about the latest social media news, but the topic that caught my attention was the latest news on Instagram launching a new app called Instagram Boomerang.

Instagram Boomerang is a separate app created by Instagram that takes 5 burst images of movement and creates a 3 second loop video. You can only create these via the app- available on both Android and Apple. In the Telegraph, by Rhiannon Williams she describes the recent app as a “gif like app” and I couldn’t agree more. Users simply press the “Take a shot” button and create their gif like moment within seconds. Which they can easily share on Instagram and Facebook.

You can have a lot of fun with something like Boomerang, however can it be applied to businesses social media accounts? If so how can you apply it? 

Linda Cloke on Boomerang


Having experimented with Instagram Boomerang myself, I noticed a small feature that is very useful. It saves automatically. If it saves on your phone then surely you can re-use the short video on other platforms, like Twitter. Remember, users on social media love something that’s eye-catching and different, you don’t have to use Boomerang just for Instagram.Instagram Boomerang - Social Media Kent


Boomerang allows you to become super creative with what you do. Be playful and experiment with different ideas, whatever you decide, it’s going to take time to create as when you click the “take a shot” button you have to do your action like you’re on fire.


By creating a social media strategy plan, one of the first steps is knowing the personality that you want to put across to your followers. With Boomerang you can display a fun loving, playful and creative personality. A good example of this is Cosmopolitan, they created a Boomerang of a girl popping bubblegum. That alone shows Cosmopolitan are portraying the a young, happy and enthusiastic character.

instagram boomerang - social media kent

Have a play. See what you think of this new, modern Instagram App. Tell us what you think of the app on any of our social platforms.







— Written By Elle Clokeelle cloke social media kent

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