Finding Your Local Target Market

Finding Your Locals


Today you are going to learn how to find your local target market on Twitter, next week building relationship with your local target market and then how to maintain the relationship, leading to client conversion.

Please be aware that these are tricks you can use wherever you are. There are great websites you can use to find the best hashtags to use and the most influential people but I want you to see get you can still do amazing things without external help.


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Hashtags is an underestimated search engine when it comes to finding local businesses and people. Using
the search bar on Twitter and typing in the local area you want to find e.g. #maidstone, you have a page of accounts, photos and tweets. By looking a bit more their into Twitter Profile and posts you will find those you want to build relationships with.



Find Who You Already Know

Networking groups or events, wherever you are in the world, are all around you. By searching your local groups on Twitter and seeing their followers, you will be able to find other local businesses and local people. You can also do the same with competitors and joint venture businesses that have the same client base as you.


Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are lists that users can create to stay up-to-date with other users. All types of lists are created like different industry, local networking groups or, for the benefits of the blog, local business lists. Finding these lists can sometimes be tricky but they are really beneficial.


Finding and following your potential clients and partners is the first place to start on how the target your local market. Instead of getting in-front of people’s faces dramatically, take a subtle approach and actually build a bond with the people you want to meet. Next week I will go through building the relationship and one ultimate tip that will help you stay organised in keeping your relationships on Twitter.


Tell us how you find people you want to work with through social media using #WeDoBlogs
Thanks, Elle

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