Converting Relationships Into Leads On Twitter


We are onto the final blog of local target marketing on Twitter. Now we know How To Find Your Local Target Market and build a relationship with them, it’s now time to learn how to convert them relationships into leads.

Targeting Your Local Market Through Twitter – Finding Your Local Target Market

Don’t Quit Engagement

As I mentioned last week, it’s not just time engaging with people to build relationships and then stopping completely. The best chance of converting business is maintaining a successful relationship. That’s where last week’s topic comes in, Twitter Lists is a really powerful tool that everyone can use at no extra cost. Once you have the lists in place, the weight on your shoulders will be gone and everything for you becomes easier.

Want To Meet For A Cup Of Tea??

We now have the luxury of being able to send Direct Messages (DM’s) without having a limited number of characters. This is a great opportunity to ask if you can meet up and introduces yourself to the person you want to build a relationship with. Or simply tweet them asking the same, whichever you’d feel more comfortable doing.

TOP TIP: Remember not to go in as a sales person. It’s all about how you can help them, alternatively, they will want to know how they can help you.

Be Prepared

You have only spoke to your potential in the cyber world. Like any other meeting, plan ahead on what questions you can ask about their business, research they website beforehand. Focus on them and they will want to focus on you after.

Targeting Your Local Market Through Twitter – Building Relationship With Your Local Target Market

If… It Don’t Work Out

Don’t worry if you don’t get what you want straight away. You have still built a relationship with this particular person/business, that can potentially pass you referrals.

There we have it. Let me know your stories on how you have got on during the whole process of Local Target Marketing using #WeDoBlogs, we would love to share your stories. If you have any questions mention us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter using #WeDoBlogs or alternatively give me a call on 01622726716.

Thanks, Elle!

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