Choosing A Platform


The main social media platforms that we use include:

Facebook – What does it do?

• Drives Traffic to Your Website – Linking your website on any of your Facebook posts
• Improves your SEO – By linking your website to your business page
• Allows you to engage with your community easily
• Connects you directly to your customers
• Strengthens customer relations – easily connects you with your customers on a social level rather than a business level
• Listening and observing has the potential to improve your business
• Allows you to keep pace with the competition

How to track?

• How many likes
• How many followers
• How many people have seen your posts
• How many comments (good or bad) on your posts
• Klout Score

Twitter – What does it do?

• Connecting with customers – able to connect with your customers because they themselves are using twitter
• Customers feedback – Once you have connected with your customers you will be getting feedback on how you can improve your product, your services and maybe even improve your customer service
• News – You can update your followers about recent news on what is happening with your business
• Update customers on promotions – This is a great way to get people engaging with you on twitter and increase sales
• Keeping up to date on what your competition are doing.
• Increase Sales – Twitter can help you increase sales and make profit
• Brand loyalty – Once you have engaged and helped your customers on twitter. They will be loyal to your brand.

How to track?

• How many followers
• How many retweets/favourites

LinkedIn – What does it do?

• A professional profile can represent your brand – Your profile is the first thing that people see while visiting your account. You can enhance your profile by uploading a professional headshot photo that will represent you well.
• You can make professional connections – LinkedIn is a place to keep you and your business up to date with your professional contacts and clients
• You can be introduced to the other users and get recommendations – There are options: ‘request an introduction’ and ‘request a recommendation’. You can ask your existing contacts to introduce you to people they know or more precisely, to the people who you would like to do business with. This way you can enrich your account on a few valuable contacts and grow your business
• Posting regular status updates can boost your profile – LinkedIn allows you to update your status. However, LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals, therefore, use this opportunity to promote your business and your services
• Joining LinkedIn groups and being an active user can attract more attention to your brand – If you’d like to promote your services even more effectively there is no easier way than just talking about it. You can either join an existing group or create a different group with a new topic
• Linked in tell you about your new connections and who has viewed your profile – This is a great way to track if business is coming from LinkedIn

How to track?

• How many connections
• How many followers on your business page
• How many people have viewed your profile
• How many likes /comments on your status

Youtube – What does it do?

• Create a Branded YouTube Channel – YouTube channel is basically your house for the videos you create and upload. A channel also gives viewers an option to subscribe to your content with the click of a button.
• Make Sure Your Content Fills a Relevant Need
• Develop Videos that are Quick, Simple, Engaging, and Professional
• Participate With Others on YouTube – Spend time looking around on YouTube and make “friends.” Visit the competition and see what they are doing well and not doing so well. Engage with others on YouTube and they will, in turn, engage with you and your brand, which helps spread your information.
• Share Your Videos in Other Places using your other social media platforms
• Call to Action – Always include your company’s website address in the video as you want to give the viewer’s additional reasons to engage with your brand. Other ideas for calls to action might include: offering a contest, discount coupons, or instructional guides.
• Measure – You can track the number of views, the demographics of the viewers, and also how people found your video. Alongside all of your other social media analytics allowing you to make informed marketing decisions and measure the success of your Social Media Strategy

How to track?

• How many views
• How many likes
• Comments
• How many subscribers to your YouTube channel

Instagram – What does it do?

• Advertising business through pictures – Only can be used for ‘visual businesses’. If the business can turn what you offer or do into a visual image this opens a fantastic door of opportunity
• Once you have built a reasonable amount of followers the door is wide open to encourage customers to exchange and participate in exchanges involving your business, through the use of things like hash tags (similar to twitter)
• The right photos shared on Instagram can go a long way in building a personality for your brand

How to track?

• How many followers
• How many likes/comments on posts

Pinterest – What does it do?

• Pin things online just as you would a bulletin board
• It’s a management tool for inspirational ideas
• Great for sharing and interacting with clients
• Find out what your potential and existing clients want from you

How to track?

• How many followers
• How many comments on your posts

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