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5 Simple Ways To Amplify Your Audience On Facebook

Sometimes just getting a Facebook page isn’t enough. Just like a book writer launching a book, you have to tell people they have this new place for people to go for useful information. In this blog, I will show you how you can grow your audience on Facebook.   Generate Organic Likes Through Your Website There will be people visiting your website who don’t even know that your Facebook page exists. By following this link you can easily add a widget to your Facebook page […]

Converting Relationships Into Leads On Twitter

We are onto the final blog of local target marketing on Twitter. Now we know How To Find Your Local Target Market and build a relationship with them, it’s now time to learn how to convert them relationships into leads. Targeting Your Local Market Through Twitter – Finding Your Local Target Market Don’t Quit Engagement As I mentioned last week, it’s not just time engaging with people to build relationships and then stopping completely. The best chance of converting business is maintaining a successful relationship. […]

Building and Maintaining Relationships On Twitter

Last week we went through finding your local target market on Twitter. This week you will learn how to build and maintain relationships with the local businesses or people you want to. Please note that there isn’t a time limit on doing this, take as long a you want or jump into it straight away. Just keep consistency with everyone, don’t just grab what you want and leave. Give and you will get back, as some may say. Learn How To Find Your Local Target […]

Finding Your Local Target Market

  Today you are going to learn how to find your local target market on Twitter, next week building relationship with your local target market and then how to maintain the relationship, leading to client conversion. Please be aware that these are tricks you can use wherever you are. There are great websites you can use to find the best hashtags to use and the most influential people but I want you to see get you can still do amazing things without external help.   […]

Become a Social Media Explorer

  Everyday is a different day. Today was one of those many different days as We Do Social Media visited Canterbury College for a Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Conference to help young people decide their career path and just explore the different opportunities out there. I spent most of my day (Tuesday 23rd February) talking to people who attend Canterbury College, the majority being around my age, and realised that over half of them didn’t have a Twitter profile. This is shocking! In all […]

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