Building and Maintaining Relationships On Twitter


Last week we went through finding your local target market on Twitter. This week you will learn how to build and maintain relationships with the local businesses or people you want to. Please note that there isn’t a time limit on doing this, take as long a you want or jump into it straight away. Just keep consistency with everyone, don’t just grab what you want and leave. Give and you will get back, as some may say.

Learn How To Find Your Local Target Market

It All Starts With A Follow

The first step is pretty simple. Follow them. If you want to build a relationship with someone on Twitter, why wouldn’t you follow them?


Interacting on Twitter is also known as a light form of engaging. Show the person you want to meet that you are there by liking their tweets and retweeting. By doing two simple things you are giving yourself more visibility and credibility, this is really a great way of getting noticed and they will want to do the same in return.Building relationships - interacting-2


Engaging with a user on Twitter is replying to tweets and quote retweeting. Again this will give you a great deal of visibility and credibility. When replying to a tweet you will stand out from the crowd a lot more than other.



Every week I get someone asking me “How do I manage the people I see on Twitter and how do I make it easier and quicker to find them?”. Well, today is your lucky day if you also think this question regularly. Twitter Lists is a great way of staying up to date with the people you are wanting to build a relationship with. Check out How To Create A Twitter List. You can choose to make your list private or public but having Twitter Lists shows you as an industry leader, so the more public the better.


Following, interacting and engaging with your potential clients or partners is the most important to getting the results you want whether it is be followers, engagement and sales. Using Twitter Lists will help you maintain those relationship easily and more effectively.
Next week I will talk about converting your relationships to potential sales. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to mention us on Facebook, tweet us using #WeDoBlogs and any form of social media. We are here to help.

Thanks, Elle!


Elle Cloke - We Do Social Media

–Written By Elle Cloke

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