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Become a Social Media Explorer

  Everyday is a different day. Today was one of those many different days as We Do Social Media visited Canterbury College for a Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Conference to help young people decide their career path and just explore the different opportunities out there. I spent most of my day (Tuesday 23rd February) talking to people who attend Canterbury College, the majority being around my age, and realised that over half of them didn’t have a Twitter profile. This is shocking! In all […]

Why Blogs Enhance Your Online Presence

Since coming into the world of business I have had a lot of guidance. From the people around me at BNI, my family and my friends. All of them have given me straightforward guidance which has led me to make some great decisions and develop as a person.   However, it’s not just people that have helped me. Blogs have contributed a lot to my knowledge and self-development. One blog, in particular, is a new blogger, Rae Chesterman (365daysofrae), her personality just shines through and […]

#WeDoStories – Elle’s Story

Storytelling. One of the key content ideas that attract consumers. Everyone loves a good story, especially with a happy ending (unhappy endings and cliff hangers isn’t my favourite movie ending). Hearing so much recently about story telling really got me thinking about my own story and how I have came into business and then across to so many other opportunities since becoming a member of the We Do Social Media squad. So, from the beginning.   I started out small, working in my local fish […]

Twitter Analytics – A Whole New Language

As we all know Twitter Analytics is a valuable FREE tool we should use. But does everyone know that? Even though a lot of us know of Twitter Analytics, hardly anyone knows why or how to utilise the information handed to us. Plus to me, it was like learning a new language. Not a language I was eager to learn either. However once I leant the lingo and knew more about it, I thought it was easier to learn then I imagined. I’m going to […]

Why Should Businesses be on Social Media?

In my experience of business it always surprises me to hear business people say, “I don’t need social media”.  Then it occurred to me; maybe they don’t know the benefits of social media and how it can truly work for their businesses. Through this you will have your doubts, you’ll think, “I can already get half the things listed below,” but nearer the end you will see the advantages and want to get started as quick as you can.     IT’S FREE   You can’t go […]

Instagram Boomerang – Instant Update

Whilst eating cake and exploring the new news app on my phone last night, I stumbled across a video by Social Media Examiner. On this was the founder of Social Media Examiner and three other people discussing different topics about the latest social media news, but the topic that caught my attention was the latest news on Instagram launching a new app called Instagram Boomerang. Instagram Boomerang is a separate app created by Instagram that takes 5 burst images of movement and creates a 3 […]

Beginners Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest is always seen as just another social media platform but this time it uses images rather than text. But that’s not true. Pinterest is often referred to as ‘anti-social media’ simply because it’s a happy bubble that people use to find new ideas, feed their hobbies, and an escape. Because it’s new and different, marketers and businesses are using it as a way to gain brand awareness and as a visual marketing tool. The idea behind Pinterest marketing is simple: Create brand awareness by […]

North Kent B2B – The Apprentices Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like being a social media apprentice? Probably not but I’m going to tell you anyway. Recently I went to a networking event called North Kent B2B. At first I didn’t know what to say or do, but I was with my Director, Elle, which helped. Networking with strangers is always a scary thought, especially when you’re new to a company. This was out of my comfort zone as it would be for many people, although the more stands I went to […]

Who We Are

When we introduce ourselves, we say ‘Hi I’m (name), from We Do Social Media’ and you can guarantee they’ll then follow with ‘What’s your business called?’ That is what we’re called, and we do social media for small businesses who need to outsource.  We Do started 2 years ago after Linda realised how well Social Media was working for her other business (Click Events). We started off doing social media for small, local businesses. Skip to 2015 and we now have 5 team members working […]

Latest news item

We Do Social Media can take over your Social Media for your business. If you do not understand Social Media, have the time to do it, even if you’re not interested in it, you will be amazed at the difference it can make. We can promote your business and services, maybe even promote a special offer for you and help you generate new business !!! Contact us now to find out more. Our rates are attractive and we offer a superb social media service. Business […]

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