Beginners Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest is always seen as just another social media platform but this time it uses images rather than text. But that’s not true. Pinterest is often referred to as ‘anti-social media’ simply because it’s a happy bubble that people use to find new ideas, feed their hobbies, and an escape.

Because it’s new and different, marketers and businesses are using it as a way to gain brand awareness and as a visual marketing tool. The idea behind Pinterest marketing is simple:

Create brand awareness by providing high quality, eye catching images that will drive viewers to your website and increase business.

Simple, right?

Then why are there so many businesses out there struggling to use Pinterest successfully?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most out of this visual marketing tool.

  1.   Learn the Lingo

Social media platforms all have unique language linked to their network that doesn’t get used anywhere else therefore learning the phrases is sure to help you adjust to a different environment:

  • Board – Think of boards as a group of content all similar such as ‘Summer Shoes’. People looking at this board will know that all the content in it will be about Summer Shoes.
  • Pin – A pin is the individual image that you add to a board. So, following the theme of Summer Shoes, the pin would be the strappy sandals with the studs along the top.
  • RePin- Think of this like a retweet. You’ve liked the content and you want to have that on your board as well, so you repin it so your followers can see it too.
  • Pin It Button – A relatively new feature that’s suddenly popped up. This button allows you to pin anything you want from the internet straight to your Pinterest account.
  • Home Feed- The home feed is similar to the timeline on Facebook. It shows you the content being pinned by the people you’re following and a selection of pins that are similar to previous things you’ve searched for.
  1. Cull your Content

We get it. You have lots of images that are high quality and you want to share to the world but if it’s not interesting to the Pinterest Audience then it’s not going to take off. The content you need to pin has to appePinterest SS- Social Media Kent - We Do Social Mediaal to the people that use Pinterest and these are the topics people look for:

  1. Travel
  2. Food and Drink
  3. Home DIY
  4. Fashion
  5. Interior Decorating
  6. Design

If your image fits into one of these categories then pin it straight away. Go on. Pin it!

If it doesn’t, don’t rule it out straight away. See how you can word the description to make it relevant to what people are looking for.


  1. Be Relevant

Similar to the second point, but think about what’s coming up in the future. For example, as I write this I’m thinking about what I’ll be dressing up for Halloween and what I can do to decorate my house. How am I going to find these ideas, I hear you ask. Well, Pinterest. When it comes to big events that require parties, dressing up, meal ideas, present ideas, and really, any ideas, myself like millions of others will turn to Pinterest for their ever growing fountain of knowledge. What you pin now, relevant to Christmas, will be relevant this year, next year, the year after and well you get the picture!

  1. Make People Know you’re On Pinterest

As a business, many people will look on Twitter, then Facebook, closely followed by LinkedIn if you have independent pages. People still don’t automatically associate Pinterest with business so if they don’t know your there, how are you going to be found?

Short answer, you’re not. Add expose to both your Pinterest account as well as individual pins. Add the logo to your website, ask people to follow you on other platforms, post your pins directly to your Facebook and Twitter account. MAKE PEOPLE KNOW YOU’RE THERE.

  1. Pay Attention to Analytics

Analytics are most popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + but Pinterest also gives you the ability to monitor exactly what is happening on your Pinterest account. You can see your pins impressions, your pin views, and which pins were repinned or liked. Also use it to see what demographic you’re attracting such as which country they’re from and what gender you’re attracting. This means you can tailor your products to what they will want to see as well as what interests them.

So, now you have a little bit more information on how it all works on Pinterest. Let us know if you have any top tips or tricks that can help new businesses.

Happy Pinning, Pinners!


— Written By Hannah Daly

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