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Everyday is a different day. Today was one of those many different days as We Do Social Media visited Canterbury College for a Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Conference to help young people decide their career path and just explore the different opportunities out there.

I spent most of my day (Tuesday 23rd February) talking to people who attend Canterbury College, the majority being around my age, and realised that over half of them didn’t have a Twitter profile. This is shocking! In all fairness I expected that they wouldn’t have LinkedIn but Twitter… wow, I’m still stunned.

Onto my point. These young people don’t have a Twitter account, if they don’t have Twitter do they use other social media besides Instagram and Facebook. If so, do they know how to use it as a way to get employment, promote themselves or their current/ future business?



We are the next generation, and the older generation thinks that we, the young people, are savvy, that we know how to use social media and be technology geeks. However not all of us do, the difference is that we can pick things up quickly. Using my Mum (Linda Cloke) as an example took around a month for Linda to get used to Twitter and she is still learning new things everyday (sorry Mum). For me, it took 2 hours. Why? Because myself and others in my generation aren’t afraid to go wrong. We explore. We risk getting the unwanted virus. We are prepared to post something completely nuts, but we know we can delete it and start over. Pretty much like a video game… YouTube is also a BIG help.



Don’t be afraid to explore and press buttons that you don’t know. Especially on social media. You are more likely to get a virus from an email than pressing a random button on social. When you get 5- 10 minutes have a little explore and tell me how it goes. If you have any questions because you have explored too much, please just message me on any of our social media platforms etc.



Thank you to Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to come today and let us speak as well as doing small workshops. Also a massive thanks to everyone who visited our stand and asked questions.


Thanks again,


Elle Cloke We Do Social Media


— Written By Elle Cloke

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