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Since the beginning of We Do Social Media we, Elle and Linda Cloke, have made it their mission to help businesses conquer their social media stress, wherever they can. From 1-1 training to doing the full package themselves for business. We help businesses large and small have success in their knowledge, strategy and overall social media campaigns.

By using a variety of Social Media platforms, we were able to get our message out to thousands of customers instantaneously and at a very little cost which is what we aim to achieve for our clients.

We Do Social Media is a small business based in Maidstone, Kent, but is full of passion for using social media to grow businesses the recognition and leads they deserve. We aim to provide a bespoke to service all our clients regardless of size.


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Social Media Helped Our Founder

Linda ran and still runs another business, and at first, Linda found the process of social media frustrating and time-consuming, but when she saw the effect it was having on Click Events it occurred to her that others could, and indeed should benefit from this kind of media exposure.

Forever growing, book a free consultation and we will be more than happy to tell you our story.

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linda cloke and elle cloke

elle cloke and linda cloke - we do social media

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With a team of dedicated and fully trained staff, We Do are able to bring hassle-free social media marketing to our clients and help them grow their businesses. We understand that you may not have the time to devote to social media, or don’t want to spend the time on learning the tricks and tools, that’s why We Do what We Do: believe us the results are well worth it!

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