How it works

Our company name says it all. We take the pain out of Social Media and will find your business new customers through recognition of your brand on various social media platforms. We will work to your budget as well as advise you which social platforms we believe your businesses would benefit from.


Our companies’ main strength is that We Do it for you and you will know how effective we are from the activity on your social media platforms, as well as seeing the results we deliver in our Social Media reports. We tailor our service to your requirements and your budget and if or when you feel you wish to take it over we will happily give you or your staff one to one training to ensure the continuity of your business. If however, you are happy to leave it with us then we would enhance each social media platform as we learn more about your businesses and the service you offer.

Find A Package That Suits You
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We liaise with you to arrange an initial consultation to find out about your business and the type of clients you would like as regular customers. The consultation takes about an hour where we would develop an initial strategy plan, and the opportunity to provide us with additional information we could include as well as resources we could use.


I know I should be doing Social Media but don’t know why. Can you help?

    • Social Media is now an established and proven the way of building your businesses online profile, improving your websites’ page ranking, reaching potential customers and interacting with existing ones. You can choose how you wish to use it and with our advice choose the best strategy to use to achieve your objective.

What can I use Social Media for?

    • Social Media is an excellent way to showcase your business, build awareness of your brand, educate your potential and existing clients, promote exclusive offers, find out what your customers value by asking questions and engaging with them. All of this nurtures potential and existing clients towards your brand.

Which Social Media Platforms are best for my business?

    • The first thing We Do is take the time to find out about your business, your strengths, your goals and your long term ambitions for your business. We Do then discuss the options available and what would be the best platforms for you to use to achieve your objectives.

How long does it take to work?

    • Social Media is not a quick fix as it is about engaging with people and as with business networking it builds relationships so that clients learn to know, like and trust you and your business. We research your audience and find out exactly what they like to read. We give structure and purpose to the content we use on your behalf. We provide a wide range of content including
      • Infographics
      • Tips and advice
      • Reviews
      • Discussion pieces
      • Questions and answers
      • Industry news and round-ups

Get Going

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How do I know whether it is working for my business?

    • The initial consultation we have is to find out what your objective is for your business.
      • Do you want to reach new audiences?
      • Increase brand positive awareness?
      • Generate leads?We then provide a quarterly report to show you how your audience is now engaging with you, how many more followers you have and how your social media community has grown on the platforms you choose to use.

Get Going


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